HaloMD: Help

How do I Run the Application..?

Gatekeeper may get in the way of running HaloMD since we don't pay Apple's fee.

To bypass it, simply hold control and click on HaloMD, and choose 'Open'.

How do I Create Games?

To host games: "Start" Halo, and create an Internet game under Multiplayer.

Depending on your network, your server may not show up to your peers. To resolve this, you can first try installing Port Mapper from the Extensions menu. If that does not work, then you need to open ports 2302 - 2303 on UDP.

Have Another Problem?

For assistance in modding, visit the MacGamingMods forums. Otherwise, join us in the IRC channel or in the chatroom inside HaloMD.

Please read our chatroom etiquette first!